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Seville History
Northstar Engine
Other Systems
Corsa Exhaust

The Northstar Engine

The STS features a 300 horsepower 32-valve Northstar V8, which launches the car from zero to 60 mph in just 7.1 seconds. Lightweight and efficient, the Northstar V8 has an aluminum block and cylinder head, with four valves for every combustion chamber: two intake and two exhaust. They are operated by dual overhead cams, which are in turn, driven by quiet durable chains. This valve arrangement helps optimize the engineís power output. Spark plugs centrally located between the valves enhance the
"runners" Northstar V8ís combustion efficiency and power. Free-flowing tubes or of the Northstar V8ís intake manifold help to efficiently channel air into the combustion chambers with outstanding effectiveness. Features of this award-winning one-piece manifold design are patented. In fact, there is an impressive total of 16 U.S. government patents in the Cadillac Northstar engine.

EPA fuel economy estimates (MPG): 17 City, 26 Highway
To the right you can see the torque curve for the Northstar showing the peek horsepower of 300 and 295 lb-ft of torque that the Northstar L37 puts out. Note: The LD8 lines are for the SLS Northstar Engine. In addition the Northstar Engine features a "limp-home" mode that keeps the engine operating without engine coolant. "Limp-home" allows the engine to continue running by alternately delivering fuel to only four of the eight cylinders. The four remaining cylinders do not fire, but continue to pump air, cooling the engine and allowing you to safely drive at 50 mph up to 50 miles for help. This of course
is in conjunction with the two cooling fans that run in tandem or singular mode to provide quiet cooling in different drifving conditions.

The Northstar features OBD II, this is a government regulatory requirement for all car manufacturers and acts as a watchdog for emission system deterioration. It is a fast and comprehensive self-diagnostic system designed to monitor all vehicle components and systems that can effect emissions. OBD II looks for "shades of gray" to not only sense failures but to also detect deterioration. With OBD II monitoring systems in the background, you will enjoy better fuel economy and serviceability.

It also features a liquid cooled alternator for a quiet charge as well as longer part life.

Seville was designed to travel up to 166,000km before a scheduled tuneup thanks to long life components like platnum tipped sparkplugs and a distributor-less direct fire elctronic ignition system.

Helmholtz Tuning Chambers have special Helmholtz resonators to keep engine noise to a minimum(If you like solid sounding engines check out the Corsa Exaust option here